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WhatsApp will allow users to hide their status when they are online

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The WhatsApp merging a file Characteristic This will allow users to hide their internet connection from other contacts when using the app.

In fact Privacy Options For the social network, you can choose who can see the time of the last connection, the photo or the states.

However, the state could not be hidden yet. So that all the users can know if one of their contacts is inside WhatsApp, thus, Online.

As WABetaInfo recently warned, the company is working on Add a feature Which he has been developing for months to maintain privacy.

According to a WhatsApp beta screenshot for iOS shared by this portal, in a future update It will be possible to specify who can see the status of the connection. The option will be available in the last display settings section.

in this option everybodyso that the total number of contacts can know whether the user is online or not.

“If you choose My contacts For the internet, it means that people who aren’t registered won’t be able to tell if you’re online.”

They pointed out from this portal that this functionality has been included in the iOS version of the application. WhatsApp is now planning to offer the same feature in a future beta For Android and desktop devices.

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