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Trick to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS

Trick to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS

.’s app The WhatsApp, is one of the most used by Mexicans, and not many know how to take full advantage of the functions it offers. Between exchanging photos, videos and files, making calls and video calls, sharing information with family and friends and in the case of business clients.

The job that many would like to learn is How to record calls on WhatsAppThis is for users who use the app on a regular basis. Conversations through the app have become very popular because you only need an internet connection to perform them. And with this trick you can save them correctly. Here we tell you how to do it by following a few simple steps.

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How do you record the calls you receive via WhatsApp?

To do this, you must first download an application other than WhatsApp, so you should take into account the amount of memory available on your device and the risks of extensions for the application.

Among all the extensions for call recording, Call Recorder is undoubtedly the most recommended. Well, in addition to being practical, it is also practical because you only need this application to be able to enjoy the functions it offers and it is compatible with Android phones.

iPhone call log

If you have an iOS phone, it has a call recording function built into the same device. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Make sure the phone has a microphone and audio is active so that the call is properly recorded
  • When you answer the call in the settings or the call configuration pane, you can activate this function.
  • Once the call is done, its recording will be saved to the audio files and you will be able to listen to it whenever you want.
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In this way, you can use this function to record calls from WhatsApp just by activating the application to record audio on your cell phone without having to download additional extensions and without the other person noticing.

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