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WhatsApp trick to find out someone's location without asking

WhatsApp trick to find out someone’s location without asking

Today we will introduce you to a simple the trick So you know Location from your contacts The WhatsApp Without even asking, so run to get your pen and paper to start doing the next steps.

On this occasion you will discover how you can find out someone’s address Contacts WhatsApp without being sent to you.

Surely at some point and for various reasons you wanted to know the location of one of your WhatsApp contacts without the person in question sending it to you, but you didn’t know if that was possible.

It may interest you: WhatsApp will have more changes and will be updated!

That is why below we are going to reveal to you that this messaging app has had the advantage of encrypting its messages from side to side, so it seems a bit strange to be able to know the location of another contact.

And now we will tell you how you can hack their security to find out the approximate location of one of their contacts.

Although this trick has become very popular on social networks, it does not work every time, however, you may be an exception and if you manage to implement it.

  • First of all, you must click on the command to open the Windows task manager: Control + Alt + Del
  • Next, open the run function with Win + R and then enter the word “cmd” and enter “enter”
  • When the menu opens, go to “netstat-an” and press enter
  • Now you should see the IP address of the contact whose address you want to know, copy and paste it into the page www.ip-adress.com/ip-address/lookup
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It is worth noting that it has no effect if it is used on a MAC or MacBook, in addition, you should have the instant messaging tab open only on the PC, avoiding the presence of others in the background.

In addition, you must remember that you should have the last possible conversation with the contact you want to track, and of course, use this trick only in emergency situations or you will violate the privacy of the person concerned.