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WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature that will change the rules of the game

WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature that will change the rules of the game

Meta will be integrating the much-awaited feature into WhatsApp Messenger very soon, which is currently in the beta phase.

WhatsApp brings a revolutionary change to video calling

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging applications today. Recent studies soon claim so It will reach 2.9 billion monthly active users all over the world. It has become a legendary app like MSN Messenger in its time, thanks to the implementation of all kinds of new features in its latest updates for iOS and Android.

If a few days ago we discovered that WhatsApp would offer the file sending function that we had been waiting for years, now its developers have surprised us again with A new feature related to video calls Which will completely revolutionize WhatsApp mechanisms.

Currently, this new functionality that will soon be added to video calls is here Experimental phase. But very recent information indicates this It will be released soon in future software updates Applicable on both iOS and Android.

This is the new WhatsApp function for video calling on iOS and Android

the new Version The beta phase of WhatsApp includes a new function that allows users Share audio during video calls. What does this mean? Basically, you can make a video call with friends and family to listen to music together.

This novelty, which we remember is under development, will be part of the WhatsApp screen sharing function. A feature that brings together very similar features to SharePlay on iOS.


Screenshot of WhatsApp in its beta version | Credits: WABetaInfo

“When you share your screen, the audio you play on your device will also be shared with the people on your call.”

WhatsApp is developing a feature so you can Listen to the sound of videos and music with your loved ones. A major improvement designed to create a much more immersive experience in video calls that will enrich their dynamics.

There is no doubt that this feature will completely change the rules of the game and will be one of the favorite features for WhatsApp users, especially among young people. according to WABetaInfoThe new WhatsApp feature “will be available in a future update to the application.”

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It’s about One of the most anticipated shows of the year It will arrive very soon on iOS and Android. This functionality was found in the beta version of iOS, so it will presumably come to the iPhone first.

Wait…there’s more! WhatsApp will soon include other news

Surely many of you will remember that WhatsApp recently launched the function of sending photos in high resolution without losing resolution and soon after the novelty was extended to sending videos in high resolution. Well, WhatsApp is preparing for another new surprise…

WhatsApp will allow users Participation cases with high accuracy. That’s right, WhatsApp “stories” will finally join the pantheon of high-resolution photos on the world’s most popular messaging app.

In the following post by X from WABetaInfo, you can see a screenshot showing how it works “HD” button. It was also incorporated into the states.

“WhatsApp is working on a feature to send high-quality photos and videos to the states, and it will be available in a future app update!”

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