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WhatsApp announces important changes to temporary messages

WhatsApp announces important changes to temporary messages

WhatsApp is announcing major changes to its temporary messaging feature. From now on, the service Messaging service Instant search allows users to activate the automatic disappearance of messages for each new conversation that is opened. This way, future messages will be deleted from Application.

Additionally, starting today, users will have more options to configure when they want the message to disappear completely.

So people can choose if they want the text removed after 24 hours, 7 or 90 days, which makes a big difference, because previously it was limited to just one week.

How it works?

The WhatsApp Make it clear that enabling temporary messages by default will not affect existing conversations.

From this moment, when you start a one-on-one conversation, a warning will be displayed informing you that the message disappearance function is active.

Depending on the platform, thanks to that person will know that the other’s app will delete chat messages, but not because it’s a “personal thing with anyone”.

This tool will be enabled by default, but can be disabled for individual conversations.

Finally, WhatsApp made it clear that these new functions are already available on all platforms.

At the same time, the application has a section for this tool in its question section of the website for those who still do not know very well how temporary messages work.

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