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Daniela Alexis "La Bebeshita"

The five bikinis from ‘La Bebeshita’ that turned up the heat on Instagram

Influencer Daniela Alexis, better known as “no pepschita“, He stole the audience’s hearts with his charisma during Azteca’s reality TV show, MasterChef Celebrity. In addition to her facts, she has captivated the celebrity more than once thanks to her beauty and sculpting, which she does not hesitate to display through her social networks.

Through her Instagram accounts, the former “Enamoranos” post shared one postcard or another about her trips to the beach or pool, the same as hers. Bold bikinis that leave little to the imagination and show off their personality. Here is a list of them!

Two-tone bikini

One of the most popular outfits on her profile is the one in which she is seen posing in front of the pool at a luxury resort. It is located around a One-piece swimsuit with holes in the back and stomach It is clear evidence of her character that worked.

In the sea life is more delicious

Covered in a tiny green bikini, La Bebeshita caused an uproar among her two million followers, who They didn’t hesitate to fill her with praise for her acting and sensual personality.

from the beach

With the sea in the background and a serious expression, the influencer showed off her adorable collection of bikinis by standing with An embroidered piece that barely covered her bosom, Which caught the attention of his community in the networks. In addition, the young woman used the description of her photo to joke with her followers.

daring selfie

Not all of the postcards La Bebeshita shares via her Instagram account are from her paradise destination, she’s also given burnt-out photos from her cozy home.

Such was the case with the daring selfie in front of the mirror that he posted, in addition to that Show a small group in yellowShe also showed off her long blonde hair.

Pink animal hair lingerie

For the former “MasterChef Celebrity” participant there is no impossible, so high temperatures or the festive season prevented her from wearing revealing and daring outfits.

This time it was about An animal print lingerie set accompanied by a diamond-shaped garter belt. Of course without forgetting the jacket “protect yourself from the cold”. Plus, her long pink hair was the perfect complement to accentuate her look.

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