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What it is, how to join and how to follow CNN in Spanish

What it is, how to join and how to follow CNN in Spanish

(CNN in Spanish) — WhatsApp application officially launched Channelsor channels, which according to Meta are a simple, reliable and private way to receive important updates from people and organizations.

Although it’s not a feature available to everyone yet, it is already available in more than 150 countries.

Channels are located in a new tab called News in which the statuses and channels that the user chooses to follow will be found.

It’s all separate from chats with family, friends, and WhatsApp communities.

The company says its new one-way streaming tool is for admins to send texts, photos, videos, and polls to help users choose which channels they want to follow. Users can in turn interact and turn notifications on or off.

The app, available on Android and iOS for WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business, created a Search guide Where you can find organizations, sports teams, artists, intellectuals and updates from local authorities, among other areas of interest.

You can join CNN in Spanish By clicking here. If it’s not available yet, don’t worry: it will be soon. Stay tuned for updates on our social networks.

On our channel you can find the most important news of the day. Rang the bell at the top right of your screen in the app to activate notifications and WhatsApp will alert you every time CNN en Español publishes an update.

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