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What does "chimba", the expression for a Colombian miner, mean?

What does “chimba”, the expression for a Colombian miner, mean?

In the conversation between the president Louis Abenader with both Miners who were trapped Ciro Maimon MineMonsignor Noel County, a speech by one of those affected caught the attention of the President.

one of two Minerswhen Colombian Carlos Ypez Ospina thanked the president for inviting them to receive them at the National Palace when they were rescued, he used the expression “Shimba“.

After that the president laughed and told him that he didn’t know the meaning of the word.”Shimba‘Meanwhile wishing a big hug to the Colombian’ who is the most Shimba“.

“Well, I know something about jeffy, I don’t know what other word it means Shimba. The important thing is that everyone is there with faith and hope and keep that spirit, that spirit that sets an example and an entire country waiting to see you leave soon, a big hug to that Dominican who is the most fun of people. The Colombian is the most ShimbaAbi Nader said when he was talking to Miners By radio when he visited last Thursday Ciro Maimon Mine.

What does this expression mean?

Word “ShimbaIt has at least three meanings for Colombians depending on the context in which it is used.

According to the Colombian Academy of Language in its “Abridged Dictionary of Colombians,” this word is an adjective referring to “good,” “beautiful,” as an example of the expression ¡Que Shimba from home!

Similarly, the Academy explains that the word is also used to refer to something that was by chance.

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The dictionary also notes that in colloquial terms the expression is also used to refer to the vulva.

While the Association of Spanish Language Academies, an entity of 23 academies from America, Spain, the Philippines and Equatorial Guinea, asserts that the word has different meanings depending on the country in which it is used.

The entity indicates that it is in Colombia”Shimba“Something good or excellent and is also used to refer to a good-looking person.

He asserts that in Peru it refers to the opposite bank of the river and in Honduras it is a handmade firearm.

The Miners Carlos Ypez Ospina (Colombia) and Gregory Alexandre Mendes Torres (Dominican) have been trapped since early Sunday morning after a landslide occurred at the Cerro de Maimon mine.

The rescue effort is being led by an in-house relief team from the Dominican Mining Corporation (Cormidom), whose company designs the mine.

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