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What are cyborg cells and why could they revolutionize medicine?

What are cyborg cells and why could they revolutionize medicine?


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there is chance Medicine Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to this sector, which has been combined with the field of health, more and more people have the opportunity to face a large number of new diseases and add new elements to their bodies to improve their well-being. In view of the above, and following this line of progress, there is a new invention that can tip the balance more for people: Cyborg cells.

This kind of item, created by a group of Scientists from the University of California, Davis, USA, performs the same function as cells Normal cells but still not able to multiply like normal cells. However, thanks to their artificial manufacture, they can be designed and implemented to treat various ailments.

But how do these work? Cyborg cells And in what sense can they become tools for the benefit of people’s health? Don’t stop reading and know all the details.

Cyborg cells

According to the study published in the journal Advanced Science, Cyborg cellsg arose from the use of a synthetic hydrogel scaffold in bacteria. The foregoing led to the creation ofCyborg cells“Semi-synthetic type. Although it does not have the ability to reproduce like cells Ordinarily, they have a greater ability to resist as well as a greater ability to command or control.

It should be noted that this type of cells They are still far from being able to intervene in an accurate and precise manner to carry out complex tasks. However, they can be programmed through genetic circuits in addition to intervening for the purpose of invasion and aid in eradication cells Tumor or cancer.

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The mission of cyborg cells

calls Cyborg cells They are set to become crucial elements in combating a large number of diseases or processes such as antibacterial therapy, biosensors, modulation of the intestinal microbiome, as well as cancer treatment. Likewise, they will focus on operating small environment cleaning robots as well as industrial production and other fields.

According to program scientists V.I Cyborg cellsa new paradigm was established in the field of cellular bioengineering as well as opening up a new field on hydrogel matrix structures within bacteria.

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