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Visa is dead: You can legally travel to the US without a passport

Visa is dead: You can legally travel to the US without a passport

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Entry Procedure America At certain geographical points on the border Mexico Now it is very active for those who have it Laser Visa.

Transferable document A traditional visa is added to the passport It already angers Mexicans, and offers a series of benefits to those planning a quick exodus to the neighboring country.

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What is Laser Visa?

Also known as Border crossing card (B.C.C.), The Laser Visa It is a laminated card that fulfills the same functions as the traditional permit attached to a passport and can be processed by Mexicans residing in Mexico.

In this case, it differs from the traditional visa because it is higher Security elements to help legal and safe crossing Tens of thousands of Mexicans.

Specifically, it includes the holder's photograph and their encoded biometric data, making it more readable on electronic devices. CBP. It also has security features to prevent tampering.

Image of laser visa and various security elements. Photo: Archive.

What is Laser Visa for?

A laser visa is valid for presentation as a document at the time of entry America. Considering its size and the practicality of its use, it allows you to carry it with you in your wallet and its holders do not need to show their Mexican passport.

This restriction applies until the tourist enters a certain area. Limitation of entry with laser visa only, esp 25 miles in Texas and California; 55 miles in New Mexico and 75 miles in Arizona.

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If you want to extend the area, you will need to take your personal passport. And, “You have to listen I-94 permit appropriate at the time of entry,” they note from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

What are the benefits of having a laser visa?

Persons executing a Border Crossing Card (BCC).

  • There is no need to show a Mexican passport when entering the United States, which speeds up the process at ports of entry.
  • It can be used for a trip Limited distance and for a maximum of 30 daysWithout providing your personal passport.
  • If you want to enter the United States AirplaneEntry is permitted with laser visas, however passengers They should also submit their passport.
  • When issued with a Mexican passport, Works like a B visaPermitting entry by any mode of transportation to any part of the United States.

How to process and how much does a laser visa cost?

It is significant to request that Laser Visa There is no need for major complications in the processing process. Rather, the procedure is similar to that of a traditional visa attached to a passport, so it is necessary to follow the same instructions.

  • First, a DS-160 application must be completed.
  • The tourist has to pay $185 dollars.
  • You must create an account https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-mx/niv/users/sign_in Schedule appointments at CAS and Embassy.
  • When the appointment date arrives, the traveler must attend the consulate, where a consular officer will decide whether to grant or deny the visa.
  • If approved, it will arrive as a package or, if requested, must be collected at the CAS.
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