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“Vinafoth seeks to find players like him”

“Vinafoth seeks to find players like him”


the Finafouthnext to Nuno GomezConfirm the start date of the innovative project Honduras Which aims to develop the abilities of young football players in our country.

Portuguese, legend Benfica Portugal and former partner in David Suazo He stressed that the work program with the country’s young players has a starting date of next July.

It is a project that will revolutionize small football. It is a project in which we have full support FIFA. We are happy to continue with the plan and tell you that this project with a training center across the country will start as soon as July.” Ernesto MejiaVenafoth secretary.

Gerardo Ramos, Director of Development at Fenafuth, He explained that the structure is already prepared to give life to the project and it is expected that there will be training for the country’s sports leaders.

“Since the first visit in November, we have set ourselves the objective of the FIFA program, which is TDS to discover talents and we have already put together the structure, we have had many meetings these days, they are not unilateral decisions, they are decisions in teams with experts on the subject,” Ramos told a press conference. With the full support of FIFA, we have finally reached the starting point.”

He added, “We hope to start with the centers on which we will develop the project in July. The first in the field of talent discovery. Then talent training centers that will be distributed throughout the country. This year we plan to close with five or six centers, to achieve as much as possible under budget or capacity. Everyone has all the optimal needs for work. Apart from that, we will also create sports leaders training courses for people who are in the interior regions of the country through the School of Coaches.”

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Ramos also revealed that the training centers will have a new data section, which will detail all information related to each player’s performance.

We will create a data section at the national level where we will collect all the information about the business, and we will add more things from the national association. It’s a big and important preliminary project. Therefore, we prepared ourselves over time, seeing those thousand details, but a mistake that does not lead us to positive results could lead to FIFA stopping the project and this would be a failure for the federation, “he said.

However, the Football Association of our country will have to overcome one last hurdle, because FIFA is the entity that has the final say in the development of the program, according to Nuno Gomez, a FIFA consultant.

– Statement from Nuno Gomez –

How have the projects progressed since you first came to Honduras?

We’ve been doing a lot of online meetings. Lots of work with Gerardo Ramos and the Fenafuth development team and we’re ready to go. It was a planning job, with people meetings involved in the whole process. The first to benefit are the training centers, which is important for all young Honduras players. For us, the most important is the benefits that the teams will reap. We have already drawn up the plan, but although FIFA has not officially approved the project, it is already in line with what they want.

What is missing FIFA approval?

It’s a process with its own schedule, as you know, there are more than 200 members of the FIFA associations, and almost all of them have applied to join the project. FIFA is now analyzing all projects for approval or requesting more information for approval.

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Project development notes and what improvements can be made in the project

Clubs must be increasingly involved in the player’s journey, because, after all, footballers play for teams, and we already know there are many things to improve, because it will involve children’s football. It is important that clubs see the work that the federation will do and want to be involved in it. In addition, it is important that Honduran football, in terms of youth competitions, expand its competitions so that young players can empower themselves.

Nuno Gomez reveals talks with David Suazo about the project

It was very nice to meet him, I played with him at Benfica: he is a very good person, he was an extraordinary player. It is also a model for both FIFA and Honduran football for the talent the country can produce, which is why we are here. Fenafuth is eager to find players like him who can give the Honduran player a chance to have a career as good as David Suazo. I spoke with him at many FIFA events. Since I told him I work with Honduras, he has called me several times because he is interested in his country and the youth.