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Cuban taxi driver fleeing assault at the exit of Havana airport

Cuban taxi driver fleeing assault at the exit of Havana airport

CubitaNOW write ~ Wednesday, June 21, 2023

A Cuban driver managed to fend off an attempted assault Monday night near the exit of Jose Marti International Airport in Havana.

Through social networks, user Elvis Pablo Piñón Lora said that it happened at the CUJAE traffic light intersection, on Boyeros Street.

Binyon Laura, a private taxi driver, confirmed that it was around 10:30pm when they tried to rob him that day.

“Fortunately, I managed to escape,” Al-Kubi said, adding that people were hiding in the grass near the road, waiting for the victim.

“I never stop, but you have to slow it down because it’s a dangerous crossing, I managed to speed up and swerve and get rid of them,” Binyon advised Laura, while other people stated that they were victims of similar events in the same area.

One person said: “It’s already old there and, as Julio Iglesias said, life goes on as usual. It looks like they’re back in business.” Another person added, “In those places, they should put the police in and they don’t. What we’re living through is crazy, for God’s sake. Take care of yourself, there’s no other choice.”

This week, several users reported criminal acts near Jose Marti International Airport and in the area of ​​the Havana Pinar Highway.

“Take care of the drivers who pass through the Havana-Pinar highway. On the Cujae bridge they throw things and put things on the road. We need the relevant authorities to take care of these accidents that are happening,” said one of them.

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TO ALL MY FRIENDS THAT ARE ON THE ROAD: BE CAREFUL ON THE CUJAE BRIDGE TO THE HIGHWAY LAST NIGHT I DID DROP AND THEY OPEN THE TRUNK AND THEY TAKE ME A BAG LUCKLY I KNOW I MANAGED TO GET OUT OF A MESS WITHOUT FURTHER ADO SOMEONE ELSE’S TRUNK BREAKED AND THEY TAKE 3 Bags, last night when it rained a puddle was made and had to almost stop the march, at that moment three little buddies with sticks and others within seconds they lowered what you have in the trunk stay tuned,” added another.

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