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Video: Heavy rains and floods paralyze Dubai Airport and its roads

Video: Heavy rains and floods paralyze Dubai Airport and its roads

After heavy rains, water flooded Dubai's airports and roads

This Tuesday Dubai Airports They were affected by it high rainwhich led to the temporary suspension of operations due to Floods on slopesas well as in Access routes.

Dubai Airports He is the director of the emirate's airports and today issued an alert announcing that “operations are still largely suspended at Dubai International Airport due to heavy rains and floods” today.

“Due to the severe storm, operations were temporarily suspended for 25 minutes this afternoon,” the company stated in the memo, “but after this pause, it noted that operations were slowly and safely resumed, and at this time they are in recovery mode.”

Roads after heavy rains in the city (Reuters)

Many surprised citizens shared on the social networking site X, formerly known as Twitter, the repercussions that the weather had on the city. Multiple videos and photos of the airport, as well as roads and shopping malls flooded by torrential rain, showed how the emirate was affected throughout the day.

While you can see in the pictures how water covers up to half of the cars, in the videos of Dubai International Airport, the runways are indistinguishable, and the planes are moving with their wheels completely submerged in water. in a sarcastic tone, Breaking aviation news and video He shared the video and commented, “Dubai Airport is enjoying a simple shower.” But the amount of water on the runways was so great that various people on the social network compared the airport to a lake.

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“A total 21 outbound flights and 24 arriving flights were cancelled The memo stated: “Since 12:02 local time (08:02 GMT) this morning, three flights have been diverted to other nearby airports.”

Unstable weather will continue to cause delays and disruptions (Reuters)

It was also confirmed that “there is significant flooding on the access roads around Dubai leading to the airport,” and it was announced that “the current weather forecast indicates this.” Unstable weather will continue to cause delays and disruptions Until the early hours of Wednesday, April 17.”

With the aim of “restoring normal operations as quickly as possible and minimizing inconvenience” to passengers, Dubai International Airport has activated response teams, working closely with airlines and other service partners.

Given these unfortunate circumstances, travelers were recommended to use the Dubai Metro as a means of transportation for “more flexible transit,” taking advantage of the metro extending its service until 3:00 am (23:00 GMT).

On the other hand, according to a statement on the social networking site Dubai government extends remote work For public employees until tomorrow, Wednesday, April 17, due to difficult weather conditions.

Additionally, the memo notes, “Private schools in Dubai have also been ordered to continue distance learning tomorrow. “We call on private sector institutions to adopt remote work tomorrow and take all necessary measures to ensure everyone’s safety.”

(With information from EFE)