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Maduro's plan to reform the constitution with life imprisonment and get rid of his “reddened” rivals.

Maduro's plan to reform the constitution with life imprisonment and get rid of his “reddened” rivals.

Tenth: @PresidentialVen

Nicolas Maduro spoke again on Monday, April 15, about his proposal to reform the Venezuelan constitution, introduce life imprisonment as a punitive measure and focus on dismantling the corrupt.


During the broadcast of his program ConMaduro+, Maduro claimed to have a comprehensive comparative study on the application of life imprisonment in different countries in Latin America, Europe and the United States. He considered this measure crucial to strengthening the state and its punitive and deterrent capacity in an attempt to combat the immorality and corruption that the nation suffers from.

“This is an important discussion, because we have to strengthen the state and strengthen its punitive and deterrent capacity,” Maduro stressed. “This is my thinking, the thinking of a man who is ready to fight with everything against immorality, against corruption.”

The president also stressed that any amendment or constitutional reform would be subject to a popular referendum: “The people speak, the people decide.”

Regarding investigations into corruption in the Venezuelan oil company, which implicated Tsar Tareck El Aissami, Maduro announced significant progress. He added: “As for the bulk of the stolen items, we are tracking them.” “A year ago, from 1 to 10 we reached 3. Now we have advanced to 7 or 8 at the level of discovery, with evidence, and irrefutable testimonies, the responsibility of the highest-ranking leaders we captured while they are imprisoned.”

He stressed the need to impose the maximum penalties stipulated by the Penal Code on those found guilty of corruption, and condemned the use of crypto-assets as a mechanism to hide stolen funds.

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“SonaCrip, which was created for good, has become a hideout for mafia, bandits, thieves and traitors,” Maduro accused. “We give birth, and they steal people’s money. Traitors!”

Maduro's statements sparked controversy and raised concerns among vital sectors, who fear that these measures could be used to further repress political opponents and further restrict civil liberties in Venezuela.