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Vicente Fernández Bioserie, more expensive than a Squid?

Vicente Fernández Bioserie, more expensive than a Squid?

Vicente Fernandez He’s still at Country 2000 Hospital in Guadalajara, while his series has already covered a millionaire sum given to his relatives. Here are the details!

The “mexican singer“, Vicente Fernandez It would be inspiring to create a new series that was confirmed several weeks ago in which it is clear that they were already going to pay a millionaire to their family.

series entitled “the king“, which will star Jaime Camil and has already paid Vicente Fernandez’s relatives for giving up their rights to life.”Charo from Huentitán“.

It turned out on Wednesday that the Fernandez family received $10 million (about 200 million pesos) to live a life.”Idol Ranchera MusicOn screen as revealed by the driver, Pedro Sula de Ventando, starting at 2:30 in the clip.

They told me unofficially that they paid the Fernandes family $10 million to tell the series… That’s what they told me… I don’t know, said the caller, who also confirmed the premiere, scheduled for 2022.

They confirmed that the plot will consist of 36 chapters, and it will be the same family as the 81-year-old singer, who will be very involved in the script.

It should be noted that, despite the confirmation of the new production, which will be in charge of Caracol Televisión, it was announced in the midst of the health crisis that “businessmanThey assert that “the music, they assert, would have already been approved, they assert.

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The announcement, which came out last September, was to have been closely supervised by the “entrepreneur”, who elaborated on topics such as “return back“My Way”, “A Million Fountains” among many others.

As they point out, the father of “pony“I have sought to inspire new generations, yet”DISCOGRAPHY PRODUCT“He built his career on the foundation of many efforts being just a humble construction worker until he became one of the most important symbols of ranchera music in Mexico and most of the world.

this before”SHINT“He was the victim of a catastrophic fall on his farm.”The three foalsThis led to him being admitted to the emergency room on Friday, August 6, severely damaged the cervix near the head, for which he underwent emergency surgery.

Even today, when it seems to be true”mexican film actor“81-year-old Vicente Fernández Gómez, a native of Huentetan, El Alto, Jalisco, appears to be developing favorably, overcoming the consequences of his tracheostomy and the syndrome he (Gillan-Barre) suffers from. His relatives pass on the medical report. official via his Instagram account.

Likewise, it was said, it will be Jaime Camil who will play the role of the person known in the tapes as “Mason“,” arcadas “,” scoundrel, but honor “among many others.

In addition to performances by Enoch Leaño and Odiseo Bichir, to mention a few confirmed posts, the latter will give life to a priest who will be the first to appear in a scene with a purple piece in what appears to be a hilarious scene 3 BR3 services.

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On November 8, Coquita’s husband, Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasinor, spent three months in hospital, and so far it is known that Chinti has already left the intensive care area and is showing greater improvement in his health every day, according to reports. official medical.

It has also emerged in recent days that the patriarch of Fernandez Jr., Gerardo and Alejandro, could be taken to his home, possibly next December, according to Juan Jose Urigil.