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Juan Gabriel, millionaire fortune left by Divo de Juárez

Juan Gabriel, millionaire fortune left by Divo de Juárez

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With one of the longest-running and most prolific careers in Mexico, Alberto Aguilera Valades is known internationally as Juan Gabriel He lost his life on August 28, 2016, you would definitely like to know a little about Millionaire’s fortune he left Divo Juarez.

the famous artist From “Así Fue” he started his career in 1971 and although it wasn’t what he initially expected once it started to become popular, he never stopped enjoying it, to this day he is still remembered as one of the music interpreters between stories, mariachi , latin pop, bolero and rancheras.

Throughout his career, which lasted almost 45 years, he managed to sell 150 million records, in addition to selling more than 30 million records along with Spanish singer Rossio Dorcal who also has many hit songs.

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Thanks to these sales, he managed to become one of the artists with the most record sales, there is no doubt about it Juan Gabriel He was a celebrity.

This huge amount gave the fruits of a practically perfect life, full of luxuries and benefits, which certainly increased with each of the concerts the singer-songwriter gave, which is why many doubt his fortune.

Juan Gabriel was well liked and known for his tunes | France Press agency

It has been exactly a portal specialized in doing some calculations on the entries of the millionaire that the translator of “Abrazame Muy Fuerte” has had throughout his career, this so-called Celebrityworth who has stated that his fortune has reached 30 million dollars.

This number is what they calculated when Juan Gabriel He lost his life, which in Mexican pesos would be approximately 615 million pesos, and other media such as Forbes obviously made other accounts, the famous magazine published in 2015 brought in profits of $11 million.

With this number, the magazine placed him in the 18th place among the richest artists in the world, a number that has certainly increased again since the moment he lost his life, as the number of copies in his songs increased.

the singer He started his career in 1971 and a year later when his popularity began to spread and rise like foam thanks to the single “No Tengo Dinero” that reached number one in Mexico.

Divo de Juárez’s music has appeared all over the world, some of his singles have been translated into other languages, for being a world star and above all loved by Mexicans.

Who has on some particular occasions compared some of Harry Styles’ looks to those of Juan Gabriel and this actually matches in some detail.

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