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Vicepresidenta dice que tratan de donar a otros países las vacunas casi vencidas

Vice President says they are trying to donate expired vaccines to other countries

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, reported this Thursday that they are trying to donate the vaccines that are about to expire through diplomatic channels to other countries.

“They did it, not only us but also other countries that are in the same conditions, This director Vaccines due Peña said when approached by the press in the corridors of the National Palace, they are introduced to other countries that may be in need.

The agreements and procedures are being implemented through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is awaiting responses and confirmations from the countries to which donations were made to send them later.

in the Dominican Republic More than 700,000 vaccines have expired.

‘Scabies is always present’

Peña also mentioned that the population You should not be alarmed by scabiesBecause “Indeed, this disease has always existed in the Dominican Republic”.

After the neighboring country of Haiti warned of the discovery of a disease “Very contagious” With skin symptoms similar to those of human scabies in its territory, the Ministry of Public Health issued an epidemiological alert last Sunday at border health centers.

Similarly, the official specified that the relevant authorities are aware of the situation and They focus their attention on preventing him from overtaking Any type of infection.

“The entire health cabinet is on alert, and Minister Daniel Rivera has already reported it The country has medicines to attack the conditionPeña said.

Regarding the latter, the coordinator of the Health Council also emphasized that the message that must reach the Dominican population is how this disease can be avoided, while expressing that the key is hygiene.

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The alert issued by the Dominican health authorities indicates that Check and Control for Haitians and Dominicans They go to different hospitals and cross border crossings, without any suspicious change of skin.