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University scientists achieve the highest research category

University scientists achieve the highest research category

University scientists achieve the highest research category

• UNAM’s Scientific Research Coordination honored 22 researchers and 16 academic technicians as C-degree holders

• Maria Soledad Funes Arguello said: This is the first time this level has been awarded to academic technicians

These are 22 researchers from 14 institutes and centers of the scientific research subsystem, as well as 16 academic technicians from nine institutes.

“It is the first time that Category C has been awarded to academic technicians, who also do very great work in the subsystem,” announced María Soledad Funes Argüello at her first event as Head of Scientific Research Coordination.

In an interview at the end of the ceremony, which was held in the CIC Technical Council Hall, the official explained that the position of Senior Researcher C characterizes research work, which is one of the three substantive tasks of our university alongside teaching and disseminating culture; “Recognizes outstanding and sustainable pathways.”

This year, the Technical Council decided to include academic technicians. He said it was a way to thank them for the work they do at the university.

For academic and technical researchers, this distinction is interesting, because it identifies employees with diverse profiles, scientific specializations and ages, with uniform paths in different areas of knowledge.

Funes Argüello commented that in his new work he will seek to strengthen the scientific research subsystem, a strong structure to which 26 institutes, six centres, six programs and a general direction belong.

It is the place where the greatest amount of scientific research is carried out in the country and my challenge is to keep it that way, act as a support for all academic entities, identify points of interaction between other subsystems, schools, colleges and the secondary school system, and announce the involvement of academics, researchers and technicians in the teaching work. .

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Recognized academics

From the Institute of Biology, Roberto Garibay Origel and Catherine Renton; Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change, María del Carmen Leticia Calderón Ezquero; Institute of Physical Sciences, Luis Bennett Fernandez; Environment Institute, Karina Puig Barry; Institute of Renewable Energy, Jorge Marcial Islas Samperio.

Also from the Institute of Geophysics is Arturo Iglesias Mendoza; Institute of Geography, Julie Anne Routier Boudreau; Institute of Geology, Francisco Martín Romero, Jesús Solé Viñas, and Blanca Lucía Prado Pano; Biomedical Research Institute, Rosa Laura Camarena Mejía and María Gloria Soldevilla Melgarejo; Institute for Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems, Luis Alberto Pineda Cortes; From the Institute of Neuroscience, Rogelio Arellano Ostua and Thalia Fernandez Harmony.

In addition, Enrique García Hernández, Ricardo Reyes Chilpa, and Ivan Castillo Pérez were promoted from the Institute of Chemistry; Victor Manuel González Zúñiga, from the Center for Genomic Sciences; and Gerardo de Jesús Aguirre Díaz and Johan Alexandre Correa Mitriu, from the Center for Geosciences.

Meanwhile, the 16 academic technicians are: Alejandro Farah Simón, Joel Herrera Vásquez, and Fernando Álvarez Uribe, from the Institute of Astronomy; Zoila Vanessa Hernandez Rodriguez and José Raunel Tinoco Valencia, Institute of Biotechnology; Miguel Angel Bañuelos Saucedo, Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology; and Maura Casales Diaz, from the Institute of Physical Sciences.

From the Renewable Energy Institute, Carlos Alberto Pérez Rabago; Institute of Nuclear Sciences, José Guadalupe de la Rosa Canales and María Magdalena Sierra Flores; Institute of Physical Sciences, Jesús Manuel Álvarez Lopez; Ecosystem and Sustainability Research Institute, Aida Atenea Pauline Aguiar, Juan Manuel Lobato García and Rene David Martinez Bravo; From the Institute of Chemistry, Diego Martinez Otero and Maricruz López López.

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