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UNAM: Today the Peregrine ship arrives on Earth with the Colmena mission

Institute of Nuclear Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) She reported that Cell taskwhose goal was to reach the Moon to study the surface of our natural satellite, will return to Earth today.

But through a string to the moon, The mission achieved 75% of its objectives

In addition, during Peregrine's nine days in space, Colmena was successfully powered in deep space, at a distance 10 times the orbit of geostationary satellites.

It represents progress to start Cell 2, which will fly in 2027. The current mission allowed the project scientists to “learn and develop the principles of innovative technology and train a generation of young talent.”

Finally, UNAM stated that Peregrine will return to Earth with the aim of sustainable use of lunar space. Additionally, the company responsible for the ship, Astrobotic, explained that the rocket continues its return to the atmosphere. “The trajectory follows the planned path towards a safe area over open waters in South Pacific.


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