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UASLP Recognizes Women’s Work in Science and Makes It Visible – El Sol de San Luis

UASLP Recognizes Women’s Work in Science and Makes It Visible – El Sol de San Luis

Pluvia Scientiae is a forum for the exchange of ideas organized by the Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (UASLP). This project was born during the pandemic, in the months of October-November 2021, precisely because it was warned that students, especially women, had concerns and questions about the work and role of women in science.

Dr. Maria del Carmen Rodríguez Vallarta, a research professor in the College of Sciences, said that a group of colleagues from campus agreed that this concern existed and considered the idea of ​​creating a forum for the exchange of ideas and scientific contributions recorded by women. In the right way.. the community, alumni, and scientific colleagues in other institutions in the country.

The members of the Blovia Scientia Forum started working, talking with other colleagues to find out the feelings and concerns of the community and the students, and based on the information received, they suggested holding workshops, talks and discussion tables that contributed to this. To promote the work being done by women scholars from the university and other educational institutions.

Bluevia Scientia has activities every two or three months, to plant this seed and generate this kind of space. After two years of this forum, about 15 activities implemented, an IP workshop supported by the Knowledge Transfer Office of the Union of Developed Countries for Latin America and the Caribbean (UASLP) stands out.

A dialogue table was also organized on the gender gap in intellectual property, with the participation of Dr. Rosalba Medina Rivera, Director of the Potosi Council for Science and Technology (COPOCYT).

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Within the framework of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on February 11, six talks were held with local researchers and from other universities to promote scientific work.

Dr. Carmen Rodríguez Vallarta reiterated that Blovia Saintia recognizes the work of women scientists and makes it visible in different communities. And she announced that they are carrying out a project of a group of photographs for students and academics in the Faculty of Science, where it was interesting to see how the participation of women in some professions is greater.

Finally, he invited to follow his social networks on Facebook and Instagram with the name Pluvia Scientiae or on the official page of the Faculty of Science on Facebook.

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