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Two young men living in the US and stranded after being robbed in Cuba ask for help: “We're lost”

Two young men living in the US and stranded after being robbed in Cuba ask for help: “We're lost”

Two U.S.-based brothers who visited Cuba on April 4 were stranded on the island and are asking for help after a wallet containing their money and documents was stolen, they said in a statement. Video Posted by Journalist Univision Javier Diaz.

The young man, identified as Manuel Alejandro Pardo, explained that he and his sister Rachel arrived in Cuba last Thursday and spent the first two days at his girlfriend's house in Mayabeque province.

From there on the 6th, Saturday, they hired a machine which took them to Cardenas, Madanzas, where they were both.

“During the trip, my sister asks me if I brought her home, and I say yes and show her. I mean, we're sure we had the documents with us on the way. We didn't make any stops.”Accurate.

He says that when they arrived at their destination, he took the packages home and only half an hour later realized that the wallet containing the money, his sister's whereabouts and two passports were missing. Of each: one Spanish and one Cuban.

Manuel Alejandro noted that they had already gone to get new Cuban passports, but each would take a month because they said there was “no original material.”

“We need help, contact the embassy [de Estados Unidos] This is what worries us most about getting my sister's apartment. Also add that we are very worried because we have been living in America for more than two years. We have a life, we have a job, I don't know how long they wait for us, we have money to pay, we have many Bile” he explained.

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The young man asked for help from someone who could guide him on how to contact the embassy and what he needed to know to leave Cuba.

“In Cuba we have to wait so long, we are lost”He concluded.

Manuel Alejandro Pardo did not provide other details about the vehicle whose documents were allegedly stolen.

At the time of writing this note, no further information about the case was available.