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Twins separated and sold at birth have been reunited thanks to a TikTok video

Twins separated and sold at birth have been reunited thanks to a TikTok video

BBC/Woody Morris Amy Khvitia (left) and Anu Sartania knew nothing about their sister until they were 19.

Emi and Ano are identical twins, but once they were born they were separated from their mother and sold to different families. Years later, they discovered each other by chance thanks to a TV talent show and a TikTok video.

by BBC

As they looked back at their past, they realized they were among thousands of children stolen from hospitals and sold in Georgia, some as far back as 2005. Now they wanted answers.

Amy paces back and forth in a hotel room in Leipzig, Germany.

“I'm scared, so scared,” she says nervously. “I haven't slept all week. “This is my chance to finally get some answers about what happened to us.”

Her twin sister Anu is sitting on the sofa and watching TikTok videos on her phone. “This is the woman who could have sold us out,” he says, gesticulating with his eyes.

Anu admits that she is nervous too, but only because she doesn't know how he will react and whether she will be able to control her anger.

It's the end of a long journey. They hope to find the missing piece of the puzzle in Germany. They will finally meet their biological mother.

Over the past two years, they have built a picture of what happened.

When they uncovered the truth, they realized they were not the only ones, that there were tens of thousands of people in Georgia who, over the decades, had also been taken from hospitals as children and sold.

There were attempts by the authorities to investigate what happened, but no one has been held accountable so far.

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