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Trump (now) is promoting the effectiveness of the vaccine against Govt-19

Trump (now) is promoting the effectiveness of the vaccine against Govt-19

(CNN) –– In a new interview, former President Donald Trump dismissed a speaker’s skepticism about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine against Covit-19, and promised that “the vaccine works” and that “people will not die when they receive it”.

“Look, the results of the vaccine are very good. If you (Covit-19) get it, it happens in a very mild way. People will not die when they get the vaccine,” he said in an interview with Candace Owens. From The Daily Wire, released Tuesday.

When Owens began to raise questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine, Trump said, “Well, no, the vaccine works.”

“Most people who get sick and are hospitalized are not vaccinated. But it is still their choice. If you get vaccinated, you will be protected,” he said.

This is Trump’s latest acknowledgment that he has repeatedly turned down opportunities to stress to Americans, and especially his supporters, about the importance of vaccination. The Cases and Hospitals They are increasing in the United States due to delta and omega variations. But reports indicate that those who are vaccinated and those who receive a booster dose have much milder side effects than those who are not vaccinated.

Trump did not stop his schedule when he tested positive for Covit-19 1:28

Sin ban, Trump Has often politicized development And administration of vaccines. In fact, he said The Wall Street Journal A booster shot in September is unlikely. It was also inconsistent in promoting scientific support recommendations to slow the spread of the virus. It has also promoted unproven treatments for Govit-19.

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In an interview with Owens, Trump defended his administration’s efforts to develop vaccines against Covit-19.

“I came out with one vaccine, three vaccines. They were all very, very good. I came out with three of them in nine months,” he said.

Still, Trump said orders for children to wear masks in schools were “a terrible thing.”

“I do not want to see children with masks,” he said in an interview with Owens. “They sit at school. It’s hard for them to sit at school.”

During a recent event on his Dallas-speaking tour, Trump revealed that he had received a booster dose of the Govt-19 vaccine. An answer It caused pride From a section of the audience he ignored.

Trump was agitated for claiming to have received a booster dose of the vaccine 0:53

Fall last year Trump was diagnosed with Govt-19 and admitted to hospital, Is treated with various medications and vitamins and supplemental oxygen. As president, Trump rarely spoke about his own vaccine and publicly refused to receive doses to help boost confidence in the vaccine.

After he left the White House, he and Melania Trump were reported to have quietly received the Govt-19 vaccine in January.