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CDC reduces isolation time for Kovit-19 positive health workers

CDC reduces isolation time for Kovit-19 positive health workers

(CNN) –– The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday released an improved guideline for health workers who test positive for COVID-19. As indicated, these individuals may return to work after seven days if they are asymptomatic and the test is negative.

“That isolation time could be further reduced if there is a staff shortage,” the CDC said in a statement, citing increasing cases due to the Omigron variant.

In a statement, the director CDC, Dr. Rochelle Valensky said: “Our goal is to keep health workers and patients safe, and to prevent and prevent unnecessary inconveniences in our health facilities.”

The company also noted that health workers do not need to go into isolation “after high risk” if they have received all of the recommended vaccines, including the booster dose. (Isolation applies to those who have been exposed to the virus, but have not yet been diagnosed with the infection).

The CDC stressed that the new guidelines were not extended to the general public and only applied to health workers.

“As we become aware of the Omigron variant, the CDC will continue to evaluate isolation and isolation recommendations for the general public and update what is relevant to the general public,” the company said.

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