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Traveling by plane to Mérida: a luxury that few can afford (photo)

Traveling by plane to Mérida: a luxury that few can afford (photo)

Photography courtesy @magrux_aviation

A month before the International Sun Fair in Mérida, the high cost of an air ticket between Mérida and Caracas may dampen the desire to travel for some, in a country where the minimum wage is 130 bolivars ($3). .

By Jesús Quintero / Lapatilla.com Reporter

Through the online flight reservation section of the national airline Conviasa, users were able to check the availability of the Caracas-Merida ticket office and cost 4,326.46 bolivars, or the equivalent of $120, according to this Friday's official exchange rate. January 19, 2024. If a round-trip ticket (Caracas-Merida-Caracas) is included, the passenger must pay 8,745.72 bolivars, i.e. $242.

Conviasa will, starting from February 5, 2024, also have Mondays available for flying to the city of Knights, maintaining regular flights on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, with the ATR 42 aircraft, with the initials YV1009, from Simón Bolívar Airport in Maiquetía. Guaira to Alberto Carnevale Airport in Mérida, returning the same day.

It is worth recalling that since last May 2023, after more than 15 years without commercial activity, the air route linking the state of Mérida to Simón Bolívar de Maiquetia Airport in La Guaira has been reopened.

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