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Toncontín restarted operations after protests by aviation personnel

Toncontín restarted operations after protests by aviation personnel

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Around 2:00 pm. This Thursday, flight operations were resumed at Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa, after hours of halt due to protests by staff and civil aviation unions in Honduras.

Trekking flow in Toncontin It was cut off from 9:00 AM. The information service of airlines through the control tower system was suspended and no weather reports were available due to the demonstrations.

He says that the protests Gustavo Gonzalez, President Air Traffic Controllers Association of Honduras, Derived from non-compliance with employment requirements, such as paying periods of five years.

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“The flights en route do this visually because the approach data was not provided due to the staff protest,” Gonzalez said, and relatives of passengers near the airport were still waiting for news of their relatives.

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A staff protest has reached the streets around Toncontin. They stressed that if the Five-Year Amendment is not implemented, protests will continue.

International flights failed to land Honduras. Hence, some of these have been converted into The savior And Ramon Vileda Morales airport in San Pedro Sula, which is operating normally.

They have urged Minister of FinanceThrough the minister Marco MaidensTo respond to demands. Meanwhile, this secretariat conveyed to the media its desire for dialogue, while the division took hold of Toncontin’s work.

Mario Lanza, Traveler from Panama On the CR-426 flight from Air CubaHe said the news bulletin Today: “He nearly reached Toncontin. After about 20 minutes, when the plane started circling the captain, we were told that we had to wait for trouble in Toncontin. Later we were told that we should transfer to El Salvador.”

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The passenger stated that, once in San Salvador, under that country’s protocol regarding covid-19, he could not board the plane. They are 62 Passengers traveling on the flight. The flight will return to Panama by order of the airline.

Other flights coming from United State towards Tegucigalpa They were forced to deviate due to the suspension of work at the capital’s airport. An American Airlines flight was also diverted to San Salvador from Miami.

An American Airlines plane was able to land, without notifications from the air traffic controller, at Toncontin At about 1:20 pm. Aircraft in San Salvador had to recharge their fuel tanks to return to Tegucigalpa.

While, Guillermo Escobar, Legal Representative of Civil Aviation Personnel, declared: “We have submitted an administrative case to the Finance so that the five-year period for the employees can be reassessed. They reviewed these records and did not realize that they were also for all public officials. “

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The lawyer explained that the trade unions had submitted requests to review the document and benefit all public employees. resolution finance Each ministry mandated seeking funds in each entity, according to Escobar.

Airport personnel, air traffic controllers, and meteorologists keep a halt in activities. The operation of the airport is heavily influenced by the presence of personnel from Civil Aviation.

Demonstrations will spread as a pressure measure if dialogue meetings are not held between Malia and the Syndicate.

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In the morning, in CibaA domestic flight has also been suspended at the international airport Candy. However, passengers were called to resume flights at around 1:00 PM. At the same time, these aircraft must be visually landed. This procedure is less complicated for small aircraft.

international Airport Ramon Vileda Morales from San Pedro Sula He did not interrupt operations during the day. The commercial and cargo flights took off from northern Honduras.

They inform from the guild that it is starting at 2:00 PM. Operations at the air terminals will resume as normal. Meteorological services and air approach controls will be reactivated. Flight from American Airlines It was the first to take off since then Toncontin Heading to Miami.