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Three teenagers were shot in the head in a Florida town and their bodies were found in different locations.

Three teenagers were shot in the head in a Florida town and their bodies were found in different locations.

Three teenagers were shot in the head in Florida.

A mysterious killer keeps the community on alert OcklawahaIn Florida (USA), three teenagers aged 16 and 17 were found with gunshot wounds to the head in different parts of the city.

The first of the victims has been identified Layla Danielle Silvernail, He was found with serious injuries near a garbage bin around 10.50 pm local time. Forest lakes. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he died.

The next morning, police officers were called to find another young man on the side of a road near SE 94th Street and SE 188th Street. The soldiers reached the spot and found the dead body of a young woman 17 years with a Forehead blow.

A few days after these two unfortunate murders, a third victim was found around noon on the Malauka Loop Trace. Agents found the body of a woman 16 years A car partially submerged in a lake.

Bail Marion County, Billy Woods dismissed rumors that the crimes were part of a serial killer. He also pointed out that several suspects have been identified in connection with the incident.

We know where each of the suspects are.Woods said they may be related to a “hybrid gang” from the area.

The first of the victims was identified as Laila Danielle Silvernail, who was found with serious injuries near a dumpster in the Forest Lakes area around 10:50pm local time. (Twitter)

“I am here to reassure this small community that major crime detectives are working hard to find the man who committed these heinous crimes,” he added.

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According to Wood, All the victims knew each other and were together when the shooting happenedAlthough they are found in different places.

Confirming that the police have collected video evidence, he argued that the investigation is on.

The Marion Sheriff urged residents Ocklawaha Avoid speculation on social media.

“One thing I want each of you to think about and remember when you start writing is that there are family members who are reading them. Some of you, you’re creating it and it’s devastating to that family and it needs to stop,” Woods said.

According to preliminary information provided by local police sources, information related to this investigation cannot be shared publicly to protect the integrity of the case.

No one has been arrested so far.

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