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This will happen to cell phones on the day of the solar eclipse in Texas

This will happen to cell phones on the day of the solar eclipse in Texas

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authorities Texas Service warning Cell phone During the next day Solar eclipse 2024It may be affected, as the number of users in small cities is expected to double due to visitors.

The situation can become similar to what happens at a festival, where phone towers are crowded with the number of people with phones in one area, but this can happen in multiple locations due to the large number Visitor size Which is scheduled for Monday, April 8th.

Thousands of tourists expect to attend the 2024 solar eclipse in Texas

Local authorities issued disaster declarations in several cities in the region Texas Hill State Due to the sudden influx of tourists scheduled for April 8th.

City only Saint Anthony You can receive between 500 thousand and 1 million Visitors On that day, a situation that may cause traffic problems, in addition to telephone service, which may affect the reception of emergency calls.

authorities KillinHe pointed out that the best option is to use SMS to communicate during an astronomical event.

Citizens are encouraged to “text if you can, call if you have to.” Given the high frequency range for video calls and calls in general, it is better for citizens to use text messages to communicate on April 8, 2024, to reduce congestion on cellular networks.

in KerrvilleAuthorities indicate that nearly half a million people could crowd into the small city to watch the solar eclipse in 2024. In this city, NASA will prepare to broadcast the eclipse live, which will constitute a major attraction for visitors.

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Impacts on telephone service may last for hours

Authorities in Kerrville indicate that communication problems may continue even after this astronomical phenomenon.

If these outages occur, they can last several hours. the Phones Conventional wiring will probably not be affected, and it is advisable to know where the nearest one is, in case of an emergency.