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This was the reaction of Alicia Keys' husband to Usher and the singer's hug

This was the reaction of Alicia Keys' husband to Usher and the singer's hug

The moment occurred during the performance of the song “My boo” when the New York singer put his arms around him and made provocative movements.

an offer Half the time in it Super bowIt was full of memorable, yet questionable moments during the show Guidewho was with him Alicia KeysWhich was criticized not only for its show but also for the singer's controversial attitude towards the 43-year-old artist.

“Usher's halftime performance with Alicia Keys made people say he should apologise Swizz Beats “With the intimacy of their dancing, it's ridiculous,” was one of the comments circulating on social media regarding the topic.

The moment happened during performance From the song “Oh Boo“When the singer surrounded the New Yorker with his arms and made provocative movements.

After the first half ended, many people wondered about the reaction of Alicia's husband, to whom the producer and DJ admitted that he did not feel insulted at any point during the show. He also admitted that he laughed at the criticism issued by various media outlets and preferred to focus. For his praise of the red outfit that his wife wore during the big event held in Las Vegas.

She wrote on her Instagram page: “Everyone is talking about the wrong thing! Y'all don't see this amazing dress that covers the entire court! Tonight's performance was nothing short of amazing with two gorgeous giants!”

Swizz continued to pay tribute to the celebrities: “Congratulations @usher and my love @aliciakeys, this song is a classic. We are not creating negative feelings in this regard, we are making history.” Not at all, he said he was jealous of what happened. Likewise, he is married to Keys since 2010.

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Additionally, it was recently reported that Usher married his girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea on the same day of the show.

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