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This happens if you leave the air open when the car is turned off

This happens if you leave the air open when the car is turned off

Does leaving the car air conditioner running consume more petrol? This you should know.

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Air conditioning is an amenity that many people enjoy while driving, however, you may be wondering if it is safe to leave it running when the car engine is turned off.

Leaving the air conditioner on when the car is turned off can have consequences negative to your car, as it can damage various transmission systems and elements.

The A/C compressor needs a lot of energy, so if it starts as soon as the car starts, or if it doesn’t stop before the car turns off, Battery life may be shortened.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) guarantees that a car battery can discharge more quickly, which eventually can impact Engine start.

He. She better It is to turn off the air conditioning a few minutes before turning off the car, in order to restore the battery well and also to avoid this. Moisture accumulates In the car.

Moisture buildup in the vents and a lack of refrigerant in the system can quickly damage the air conditioner and cause compressor damage.

Condensation that occurs with the compressor can build up in these tubes and cause damage to them, as well as mold growth in the car and Unpleasant odors.

To avoid this buildup, it is recommended to clean the air conditioning system periodically, thus being able to remove bacteria and fungi from the air ducts.

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