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Thiago Almada: Messi is an ordinary person

Thiago Almada: Messi is an ordinary person

Thiago Almada has become one of Major League Soccer's greatest stars through merit. At just 22 years old, the Argentine is considered one of the greatest pearls of South American football, with many voices calling to see him once and for all in Europe. However, amid all the rumors surrounding his future, The striker forgets the external noise to focus on the main challenge, which is Argentina's qualification for Paris 2024 in the pre-Olympic stage.. In an interview with firstThe Atlanta United player reviewed what he did with Albiceleste, the dream he lived during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and Messi’s arrival in the American League.

Almada had the opportunity to face his idol in the group stage of the League Cup, where he experienced first-hand what Messi can do with the ball at his feet. But at the end of the match, a very special image was seen, which was the exchange of shirts between the promise and the legend, as a metaphor between Argentina's past and its future. “I've never asked Messi for a shirt. I was waiting to face him to ask him because here in the national team I didn't want to bother him with this.“Almada will comment. Furthermore, Messi will be responsible for acting as a 'taxi driver' for his teammate on the trip to Argentina,”It was just one time, and there were Farias (“Faco”) too. I flew to Miami and there the three of us came on his plane“.

“I met him when I was in Sub 20 and I had to be Major's sparring partner. Imagine, for us kids, it was crazy having him there. We watched him train. It is a phenomenon, a crack. But for me, apart from being the best in the world, he is an ordinary person, because like that, you can talk“, Almada had to say about his idol when asked. Messi came to Major League Soccer to revolutionize the sport in the United States, unleashing “mesimania” in clubs, fans and even rivals.

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Young world champion

Thiago Almada was part of the team that took the third star to the skies of Doha just over twelve months ago. Although he admits that he is “still the same person,” the reality is very different.. The Albiceleste side was filled with an aura of mystery and myth at that World Cup, with one key factor being the group of players. “We shared a lot with the boys, there was very good energy and we had a very good time. We had a great time,” said the Atlanta United striker.

Of course, Almada will have some souvenirs from his final win over France. “I kept the shirts I used, I have one from every match, and the medal. And my dad grabbed the turf and a piece of the net from the final because I went to the locker room to celebrate. I also have shoes, but the ones I used in the match with Mexico, because I never wore the Saudi uniform again after that match.“.