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They reward the famous Arriaga and Mexiquense in science and arts;  Highlights the plurality of gems

They reward the famous Arriaga and Mexiquense in science and arts; Highlights the plurality of gems

Guillermo Federico Arriaga Jordán received the Mexico State Prize 2021 For his career as a writer and screenwriter in the cinematic arts, his nomination for it Oscar Award It was awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes, among other awards.

The Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del MazoHe was responsible for handing over this recognition to Guillermo Federico Arriaga Jordán and to 14 Mexican personalities and institutions.

Director Guillermo Arriaga thanked the State Government of Mexico For prizes awardedwhich encourages the winners to find and present solutions in political and health situations such as the one the country is currently going through.

He emphasized that the best writer ever is the poet from Nepantla, who would be proud of seven women that have been granted.

For his part, Alfredo del Mazo honored the work of director Guillermo Arriaga, who was recognized in the category. Art and culture of “Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz”.

He added that the winners of Mexico State Prize 2021 They are an example of confidence and hope and how to meet the challenges that have emerged in recent years.

“The integrative vocation of the State of Mexico is embodied in every aspect of its public life, but above all, it is expressed in Prepare to find solutions to our challenges through dialogue and understanding.

These are all the winners of the State of Mexico 2021 match

The 2021 Mexico State Race winners are:

  • from Science, Technology and Innovation “José Antonio Alzate”, Flora Adriana Ganem Rondero, for his academic career, scientific work and technological contributions.
  • From Pedagogy and Teaching “Laura Méndez de Cuenca”, to Elida Lucila Campos Alba, for her research in the history of education, which aims to strengthen the pedagogical training of children.
  • From journalism and media “Leona Vicario” to Maricruz Rivera Garzón for her work in communication and the practice of journalism with a social, political and economic focus.
  • To the Merit and Civil Services of the Isidro Fabella Alfaro Community, to the Board of Trustees of Dr. Nicholas San Juan, Toluca IAP, for their community commitment, and concerted efforts to promote Medicaid and benefit actions for vulnerable sectors.
  • To Fidel Velázquez Sánchez’s work, awarded posthumously to Julio Cesar Váñegas Guzmán, for his career as a civil servant and his promotion to modernize conflict resolution mechanisms, was received by his widow, Claudia Luz García Duarte.
  • To Young Felipe Sanchez Solis, to Karen Alondra Guerrero Borboa, for her performance as a representative astronaut and for being the founder of the first network of Mexican women in space.
  • To the contribution to the public service “Alfredo del Mazo Feliz” by Javier Dominguez Morales, for his career in the service of the local legislature.
  • To the economic impulse “Adolfo López Mateos”, to Gilberto Javier Sauza Martínez, for his role as an interlocutor between business and government.
  • From environmental conservation and natural resource sustainability “José Mariano Mociño Mociño Suárez Lozada”, to Adán Ramírez Sánchez, to being ranked as one of the 35 inventors under the age of 35 in Latin America.
  • To those who, without being from Mexico, have outstanding or relevant merits “Jose Maria Luis Moura”, to Francisco Moreno Sánchez, for his contribution to the knowledge, care and treatment of COVID-19.
  • To Human Rights Defender “José María Morelos y Pavón”, To La Cana, Social Reintegration Project, AC, for his work in favor of the social rehabilitation of women deprived of liberty.
  • From Security, Citizen Protection or Law Enforcement “Leon Guzman”, to the C5 Video Surveillance Cell, of the State Security Secretariat, to integrate a vanguard agency in the investigation of crimes.
  • To the agricultural merit “Andres Molina Enriquez” by Alvaro Rodolfo Diaz Andrade, for his agricultural work in the promotion and promotion of commercial activity with certified brands.
  • From medicine and health promotion Gustavo Paz Prada, to Casa de la Amistad for Children with Cancer, IAP, for his work in pediatric cancer care for more than 7,000 minors.
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