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They analyze the medical school accreditation process

They analyze the medical school accreditation process

Santo Domingo. – The Faculty of Health Sciences, Pedro Henriquez National University Ureña (UNPHU) has received at its facilities the academic authorities of the Catholic University of Cibao (UCATECI) headed by Teacher Digna María Adames Núñez, Vice President for University Academic Affairs, and Dr. Bienvenido A. Veras Estévez, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

During the academic meeting Aspects of the Medical School Accreditation Process with CAAM-HP, NCFMEA and the importance of COSMOS education and training in health sciences profession curricula and American Heart Association (AHA) accredited courses to advance prehospital medicine in the country.

The meeting was attended by UNPHU Dr. William Duke, Dean, Dr. Eduardo Garcia, Associate Dean, as well as Dr. Juan Martinez (virtual) and Ms. Perla Muñoz (Director of COSMOS), Ms. Samira Assels (Advisor to UCATECI) and Dr. Joel Benalo, Director of the College of Medicine at UCATECI.

The participants in the visit participated in a friendly and academic atmosphere with future plans based on the quality of medical education at the national and international levels.

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