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New powers for the Tandil delegation of the Professional Council for Economic Sciences

New powers for the Tandil delegation of the Professional Council for Economic Sciences

At a meeting held last Wednesday at the Tandil Golf Club, the elected members of the Tandil delegation of the Buenos Aires Provincial Council of Economic Sciences took office.

Under the meeting of delegates, the new authorities were elected, and Dr. Juan Esteban Basagastegui was unanimously re-elected as head of the Tandil delegation.

Passagistege, who was born in Rauch and took up his first term at the end of 2019, is the first Chief Commissioner not to reside professionally in Tandil. From the Board of Directors by vote, he was assigned the maximum responsibility, with modifications and incorporation into the rest of the positions.

Taking the floor, the re-elected president noted that in his first term “the exercise of responsibility from Rauch, in the initial phase of the epidemic, was not easy. Sometimes we could not have entered Tandil or left Rauch. The Board of Directors gave an impressive statement of support, otherwise What I have been most successful, as well as all the staff of the delegation who, as we all know, are vital.”

Regarding his vision and goals in this new period, Dr. Basagastegui expressed that “the expectations from this second period, in the context of a less aggressive pandemic, are high. One of the great goals is to complete the delegation building on Yrigoyen Street, which has also suffered from pandemic delays. This is a priority for for us “.

Regarding the role of the Tandil delegation, the re-elected chairperson clarified that “The link, now in person, will allow the strengthening of relationships always in post problem resolution and management of benefits for our registrants. Always face-to-face dialogue goals can be achieved better face-to-face than virtual reality.”

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Always thinking of a delegation that is open to other institutions and to society at large, Basagastegui highlighted “the strong link between the Faculty of Economics, the Ministry of Labour, the Chamber of Business, the municipality and other representations that we intend to strengthen in this better epidemiological scenario. In addition, in the cities that make up the delegation except Tandil, like Rauch, Benito Juárez and Ayacucho, to come closer and always be ready to respond to the demands of our students.”

The board of directors is composed as follows:

BASSAGAISTEGUY Juan Esteban – Chief Delegate

Viadoni, Lucia – Managing Vice President

LAUGE Matías – Delegate General Secretary

Ballero Maria Laura – Delegate Secretary of the Treasury

LEMMA, Carolina – Social Security Representative

Terrugi, Carlos Pablo – Delegate General Secretary

Gonzalez Julio Francisco – Secretary of the Treasury Delegate loyal

Gentile, Esteban Clemente – Delegate Secretary for Social Security

ORDOQUI, Dante José Alfredo – Supervising Delegate

Alternate delegates

TONELLI Omar Edgardo

Laugh Luis Maria

FairBairn, Ricardo David

Cajigas, Luciano Andres

Garrido, Norma Beatrice

Millie, Norberto Andres

Lafuente, Fernanda Mariel

Cusio, Lauriano Fabricio

Council deputies


Millie Norberto Andres

Gentile, Esteban Clemente

Ridolati, Marcus

Council deputies


Armendaris Hernán Alberto

Bedon, Carlos Fernando

Ugh, Mathias

Representatives of the Social Security Fund Associations


Fiadone Lucia

Barbieri, Arturo Andres

Boldrini, Natalia Alicia

Representatives of the Social Security Fund Associations


Geringer, Maria Valeria

Oliveto, Javier Alberto

Uthar, Jorge Alberto