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They rescue the crew of a ship that caught fire in the Caribbean in Honduras

They rescue the crew of a ship that caught fire in the Caribbean in Honduras

San Pedro Sula

cash from Honduran Naval Force Yesterday I rescued eight crew members of a Boat who – which shooting Seven miles off the coast Castile port in Trujillo, colon.

The authorities stated that the alert from shooting received in Naval Base of Castile 9:00 am 9

Items instantly from Naval force They traveled in patrol boats after the warning and proceeded to rescue untouchables They were adrift.

fishing boat crew Miss April They were put into boats by the Navy to keep them safe while the boat was on fire. The fishermen spent at least an hour on the high seas before they were rescued by the military.

As reported by survivors, the fire originated from an overheated battery in the boat. They said that the fire quickly covered the boat returning from the fishing grounds towards it Siba. The fishermen managed to jump into the sea to reach safety and they have already given a signal for help to the members naval base.

“It was an overcharged battery and it exploded. Between all of us we wanted to stop the fire, but we couldn’t because the flames broke out and each of us jumped out of the boat to save our lives and thanks naval base Who heard the alarm and went to save us. thanks God A crew member said we’re all safe.

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