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Rescue of 10 Hondurans who drowned in the Caribbean for 9 days

Rescue of 10 Hondurans who drowned in the Caribbean for 9 days


crew of ten Hondurans on the boat fallen star they were I saved a life In the last hours at sea Caribbean, informed the authorities merchant marine from Honduras.

An international ship managed to receive a call from Assistant from the crew over the radio. They were rescued while on a boat. The authorities, among the saviors of JamaicaHonduras and United State They continue to search for the remaining five crew members.

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Most of the crew was originally from the Mosquitia of Honduras, in the province of thanks God. Residents of the Juan Francisco Bolins community have called in recent days to intensify the search for Hondurans.

The Falling Star fishing boat, its crew of all nationalities, Stop sending data before the site Wednesday 7 July. They set sail from Roatan for Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, on July 3.

The Honduran authorities then activated the alarms when they stopped receiving information regarding the ship’s location. It has also not been received Wireless communications Attempts to communicate with the crew have been futile ever since.

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However, in the past few hours a research vessel was able to communicate with the crew members. They came to the rescue and confirmed the whereabouts of ten people. No details have been released regarding the identities of the rescued people, who will be transferred to Roatan, Bay Islands.

Rescue the crew

1. Omar Delson Suazo Garcia
2. Gerardo Martinez Green
3. Dayton Sabino Rodriguez Martinez
4. Gerardo Alvarez Castillo
5. Jose Marcelo Castro Alvarez
6. Edison Alejandro Castillo Green
7. Claudio Green Castro
8. Henry Manuel Morales Green
9. Lander Lunar Nunes Areola
10. Victor Manuel Castillo Mauricio

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