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They report that 11 ships with food supplies are circling Cuba unable to land

They report that 11 ships with food supplies are circling Cuba unable to land

The government itself announced that 11 ships had encircled Cuba with food supplies. That is, they buy shipments and promise to pay, but they don't.

Oscar PĂ©rez-Oliva Fraga, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, acknowledged that 11 ships loaded with food surrounded Cuba last weekend, unable to enter the port due to tariff problems facing the government. project “Head” with Miguel Diaz-Canel.

“This morning, when we analyzed the situation of the basic basket, we had 11 ships with food in Cuban ports, for financial reasons, we could not start unloading, based on the results they started unloading in the last hours. They took,” said Perez-Oliva every month. Explained about this recurring situation.

A Cuban official revealed that last year five international banks refused to process transactions related to the purchase of food for the basic basket without prior notice. This created delays of 40 to 105 days in the arrival of goods to Cuba, affecting the distribution and availability of food for the population.

Ships with food to Cuba that cannot die for non-payment

It is also known that the Tunisian oil tanker 'Eco Fleet' has been circling the port of Havana for at least a month, unable to unload its cargo because ships carrying food to Cuba have not paid. It may also be apparent that he was not paid to unload the 260,000 barrels of diesel he would bring with him.

The reality is that delays in food supply lead to shortages and long queues at shops. Adding to the logistical annoyances, not all Cubans have access to foreign currency or stores at the MLC. Not everyone gets help from abroad, which is one of the few ways to survive on the island at this time.

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