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They present the book "Biomedical Innovations to Fight COVID-19".

They present the book “Biomedical Innovations to Fight COVID-19”.

The book Biomedical Innovations to Fight COVID-19, edited by Professors: Sergio Rosales Mendoza, Mauricio Comas Garcia and Omar Gonzalez Ortega, researchers from the Faculties of Sciences and Chemical Sciences and the Center for Research in Health Sciences and Biomedicine (CICSaB), was presented. In the lecture hall of the UASLP Graduate Unit.

It should be noted that this work is an essential edition in the development of biomedical and biotechnology tools that are used in the fight against COVID-19, combined with chapters written by national and international scientists.

The presentation was attended by the President of the University, Dr. Alejandro Zerminio Guerra, and Dr. Alma Gabriela Palestino Escobedo, Director of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences. As a special guest, Dr. Antonio Lazcano Araujo was also present, remotely, Professor Emeritus at UNAM and member of El Colegio Nacional, and collaborator on this work.

Dr. Lazcano Araujo stated in his letter that the book “Biomedical Innovations to Combat COVID-19”, is an exceptional work, derived from various causes, in principle produced by Mexican colleagues, and not only provisional, but meticulously collected. By academic standards, the work of a group of scientists from Mexico who participated is convinced that academic work is an essential part of fighting the pandemic, the tragic costs of which have yet to be measured.”

Overall, he emphasized that the academic commitment of the country’s researchers was reflected in the way they responded to one of the worst crises humanity has faced. “This book has been edited with all academic seriousness and precision.”

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In his speech, Dr. Mauricio Coma says that this book is the fruit of the work of young and unified researchers who did an exceptional job during the height of the pandemic.

He explained that the arrangement of the chapters is designed to move from basic sciences to applied sciences. He thanked the collaborators, students, family and foundation for the infrastructure support.

In his opportunity, Dr. Sergio Rosales Mendoza emphasized another important aspect of the book “Biomedical Innovations to Combat COVID-19”, by mentioning and analyzing the status of vaccines as a biomedical tool to combat COVID-19.

“We hope to publish a second edition of the book with relevant updates that will allow us to summarize the national and international scope as a reference on this very relevant topic.”