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They offer training in mountain medicine at an altitude of 4200 meters – Cumbres

They offer training in mountain medicine at an altitude of 4200 meters – Cumbres

he Andean Institute of High Altitude Medicine (IAMA) will implement an innovative training course in high-altitude medicine. It is a unique educational experience that will take place in Cordon del Plata, in the heart of the Andes in the province of Mendoza. More than 4000 meters above sea level.

The course was originally designed for health professionals, including doctors, paramedics, nurses and movement therapists. But it also provides a unique training opportunity for mountain guides, because it involves field practice. The main objective is to provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge of primary care in medical conditions at altitude.


For four full days and three nights, participants will immerse themselves in an intense experience combining theory and practice at increasing altitudes as part of an acclimatization plan.

The program will address key topics such as prevention and treatment, atmospheric concepts and hypobaric hypoxia. Also altitude physiology, acute mountain sickness, acute altitude cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, among others.

The originality of the course is that it will be carried out in real conditions. The first night in a shelter and the following nights in a tent, in the Vegetas camps, at 3,200 meters above sea level, and at El Salto, at 4,200 metres.

This trial will allow participants to experience the typical sleep disturbances associated with altitude, either by experiencing it firsthand or through the stories of those who have experienced it.

Comprehensive simulation

Another feature of the training is a simulated performance of a search and rescue, care and evacuation exercise for a victim at height. This alternative will give participants the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a 100% real scenario.

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The course will be led by two leading specialists in the field: Sebastian Donato, doctor specializing in mountain medicine, and Claudio Grancelli, high mountain guide. They will both share their experience and knowledge to guide students throughout the educational journey.


The training will take place from March 29 to April 1. It is open to people of both sexes, of legal age, who have the ability to engage in physical activity at altitude. And with minimal mountain experience.

The training certainly promises to be an enriching experience for those seeking to understand and address the medical challenges associated with altitude.

In an environment where ascents and traverses at altitude are becoming more and more frequent, the IAMA Altitude Medicine course stands out as a unique opportunity for those seeking to acquire the specialized and essential skills to meet mountain challenges safely and effectively.

Information and registration link: https://institutetodealtura.org/mmt/