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They improve the chemical science building at UAZ

They improve the chemical science building at UAZ

Zacatecas. Governor David Monreal Avila has announced an investment of 100 million pesos to rehabilitate, rebuild and reconstruct its teaching spaces, ahead of the university community, by introducing the adaptation and improvement of the Academic Unit of Chemical Sciences of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ). .

From the facilities of the UAZ Siglo XXI campus, on Wednesday, the President handed over the main hall, health services, parking, connection dock, electrical and hydraulic network of the E-5 building housing various undergraduate and graduate degrees in the area of ​​chemistry. Actions in which the government of Zacatecas, in coordination with the government of Mexico, has invested 19.1 million pesos.

Through these works, 7 thousand 152 students will directly benefit, as well as faculty and administrative staff, who were told by Monreal Avila that the respect and affection he has for UAZ, so far in his administration, has supported the president of the university Rubén Ibarra Reyes pays 500 million pesos of University debts with the Tax Administration System (SAT).

In addition, initially, the investment in the infrastructure of the university was expected to reach 60 million pesos; However, following the proposal to the rector of one peso to one peso, UAZ will contribute 20 million peso and the state government another 20 million, of which the amount of 100 million peso will be reached for this 2022.

The governor said his decision is to create opportunities for young people to achieve social development, and insisted that public education is a key sector, because many young people like him and his siblings were not able to obtain a university education. without UAZ.

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It should be noted that the President also expressed his appreciation to UAZ for its dedication, commitment and scientific and social contribution for the benefit of the people of Zacatecas in the crucial moments of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He did the same with two university students: Juan Armando Flores de la Torre and Jorge Isaac Galvan Tejeda, who also contributed, as scientists, to research and actions to combat Covid-19.

In addition to university students, Education Minister Maribel Villapando Haro. Minister of Health, Oswaldo Pinedo Barrios; Director of the Zacatecan School Building Institute (INZAS), José Luis de la Peña Alonso; and Director of the Academic Unit of Chemical Sciences, Argelia López Luna.