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Antonio Juan Pastor, director Médico del Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos

Who is the medical director of the hospital for paraplegics?

National Hospital for Paraplegics.

The health service appointed Castilla-La Mancha (Sescam) Anthony John Pasteur Medical Director of National Hospital for Paraplegics.

Published date: Thursday, September 1 at Official Gazette of La Mancha CastileAnd the Responds to a call with a free appointment Which took into account the professional advantages of the applicants.

Among the merits collected in the call, Sescam estimated that he had a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery, as well as Membership is in group A1 and is at plugin level goal 28. It should be noted that the box He is not entitled to compensationIt is considered a voluntary job.

With regard to the functions assigned to the position of medical director, it refers to the responsibility of supervising, coordinating and evaluating the performance of the device. Medical and other health services of the department, To suggest to the Director General, when necessary, the necessary measures for the best performance of the said services.

The National Hospital for Paraplegics is National Public Reference Center for Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Backbones. It has a team of highly qualified professionals to deal with this pathology from all areas: medical, rehabilitation and social.

Although it may contain statements, statements or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional for any health-related questions.

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