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They found a young Cuban woman whose whereabouts are unknown in Havana

They found a young Cuban woman whose whereabouts are unknown in Havana

Anais Valera Lopeza 29-year-old girl whose whereabouts have not been known for a month, located in the last few hours in a health center in Las Guasimas, in the municipality of Havana orange streamas confirmed this Wednesday on social networks by a relative.

“A big thank you to all the people who made it possible, to those who contacted us, to those who sent us their well wishes, but above all, a big thank you to those who have looked after it all this time. Everything.” Facebook Identified as JQueenKnowles, the netizen is a relative of Valera López.

(Source: Facebook Screenshot / JQueenKnowles)

In another post made a few hours ago, the same source predicted that after the first post asking for help, it was like that They were contacted by two social workers from the aforementioned centre, who said they were sure they were taking care of a woman with similar characteristics, but under another name.

“Both of them are pretty sure it’s the patient they have there, from the description I’m almost sure of it. We’re organizing to go see her because she has to be treated. Any change I’ll let me know, they’re explaining the procedure to me,” said the woman.

(Source: Facebook Screenshot / JQueenKnowles)

Anais Valera López, a resident of the municipality of Centro Habana, has been away from her home for about five weeks.

“This girl in the pictures is my daughter’s aunt. She has been gone for a month and 8 days, although she has been seen. She has a bipolar diagnosis and has been going through a very serious crisis for a while, because of the events that happened and because of the lack of medication. She is not aggressive. , but she’s a bit sulky, as we think she’s trying not to let herself be found,” JQueenKnowles wrote in her first post.

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At the time, he also indicated that they did Raise relevant complaints to the police And that they shared posts on Facebook, but without achieving much reach.

Anais Valera falls shortly after the young woman Eunice Cess García, who remained unaccounted for for several days in Havanaalso found Safety and wellness After mobilizing the citizens.

reports disappeared in Cuba They are becoming more frequent in recent months, as well as requests for help spread through social networks to obtain information.

This same Tuesday the feminist platform I believe in you in Cuba Request for cooperation Find the site of 19 years Zunileydis Dominguez Cuellarabout whom nothing has been known since March 30, when she was last seen at her place of residence, Santiago de las Vegas, in the Boyeros municipality of Havana.

Another mother asked for help Cybercopa to try find his daughterwho has been missing since November 16, 2022. She was last seen in the town of Gaston, in the municipality of Majipacoa, Las Tunas province, she is 50 years old, her name is Presida Arbela Cruz and she is known as ” China”.