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They denied him jobs for the "ugly", he underwent surgery and is now a wanted model

They denied him jobs for the “ugly”, he underwent surgery and is now a wanted model

Although no one can be denied a job because of their physical appearance, “status issues” are still presented.

In Vietnam, the experience of a 26-year-old being accused of being rejected from various jobs for being “ugly” has brought the debate back to the table after it became a trend on social networks.

Đỗ Quyền, as this Vietnamese native identifies on digital platforms, has in recent days shared a video on TikTok in which he “step by step” reveals his amazing physical transformation.

According to international media such as “La Vanguardia” from Spain, a job interview in which they could have made fun of his appearance led him to want to modify his face through aesthetic procedures.

Apparently, the young man underwent a total of nine surgeries. Among them, due to their pronounced occurrence, the processes of the eyelid, nose and chin stand out.

Through what he showed on social networks, the result of the surgeries helped make Đỗ Quy sientan feel more comfortable in his life. Or at least that’s how it is expressed in various photos and videos.

One of his TikTok post reads “Thank you to someone who left me to find me again.”

Of course: Quinn sought to convey his message as responsibly as possible in his “posts,” because happiness does not depend on physical appearance.

In one of the most recent, he wrote: “When you look in the mirror, feel good.”

Another user replied: “You always have to shine.”

Currently, the young Vietnamese works as a model and professional make-up artist.

It even appears that his interest in the body has led him to publicize and promote changes in appearance with other types of aesthetic procedures.

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Đỗ Quyền has more than 103 thousand followers on the social network through which he shared his story.


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