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“They can’t get parole indefinitely.”

“They can’t get parole indefinitely.”

This weekend, the US government, through the country’s embassy in Havana, announced a new policy against Cuban and Haitian rafters, effective April 27 of this year. The idea is to make the migration policy tougher with respect to sea arrivals so that there is less flow to its shores through these channels.

“Attention! Immigrants detained at sea after April 27, 2023 will be indefinitely disqualified from the humanitarian parole procedures for Cubans and Haitians announced in January. It reads In a statement from the US diplomatic headquarters in Cuba.

An official statement from diplomatic headquarters cited “severe consequences” for migrants at sea or detained upon arrival on US soil. They also pointed to severe consequences for those trying to cross the US southern border.

Politics gets tough on our southern border

What are the new rules for those on the southern border? Immigrants will be subject to deportation proceedings. It can be quickly deported to Mexico or the country of origin. We remember that with the new deportation flights, it is now much easier to deport Cubans who enter the United States illegally than they were before, but starting this year, the policy will be to deport them all.

Those who cross the southern border will also be barred from entering the United States legally because of humanitarian parole for five years.They can be prosecuted “criminally” for repeatedly illegally entering the United States.

“Comply with the new immigration laws, avoid being admitted, and do not attempt to cross the border,” the US embassy in Cuba warned.

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“If a noncitizen receives a final order of removal through the immigration courts, they will be arrested, imprisoned, or removed from the United States. These are our laws, and only an act of Congress can change them.”