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They bring girls closer to science on activity days at the science center

They bring girls closer to science on activity days at the science center

Fifth and sixth grade girls from Maria Trinidad Durham Ramos Primary School attended the Science Center for conferences presented by Dr.

Governor Robin Rocha Moya spoke with the girls at the opening ceremony, highlighting the participation of women in all sciences, a situation which has not occurred in the last century where there were no students in engineering and exact science jobs.

“Being a scientist is a very beautiful task because you are looking for solutions to things, so that humanity can live better, and you are a part of humanity. This is a very generous task, because they are completely dedicated to finding solutions, and there is an example for vaccines,” said the state chief.

In her speech, the Minister of Public Education and Culture, Graciela Dominguez Nava, stated that only one woman out of every four men gets a job in the field of science, according to UNESCO figures. This reflects a lack of gender equality and contributes to increasing economic inequality in society.

However, in the past ten years, women scientists have been present on issues related to equitable, inclusive and sustainable development, in addition to being more present in the scientific and technological production itself.

“In this state administration headed by Governor Robin Rocha Moya, we recognize the importance of progress in creating equitable contexts for accessing science and developing the potential of our girls, from an early age,” the official said. Country.

She highlighted the convening of this Day for Inclusion of Girls in Science, which, along with other joint actions, provides the opportunity to create the conditions to break the unfair patterns that persist and to adapt ways of transferring knowledge, technology and innovation to girls. .

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