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They accuse the wife of throwing him in the street with everything and his mother-in-law

They accuse the wife of throwing him in the street with everything and his mother-in-law

The past few months haven’t been easy Chyno Miranda, who was almost paralyzed by peripheral neuropathy, so his recovery was slow, but little by little the singer is trying to leave this situation behind, Although that didn’t stop his photo from the hospital from leaving many shocked.

But in the midst of all this situation, It was his wife, Natasha Araus, who supported him and even couldn’t contain her tears when she saw the video shared by urban genre advocates, which a few months ago looked in disrepair.

All the details: Chyno Miranda’s wife bows when she sees the singer in critical condition

Although social networks have generated a huge buzz of comments, Some asked Tashi and pointed out “Help Chino out of his depression, take care of him, this is love!” Words that penetrated the depths of the artist’s wife.

Namely, that Natasha did not shut up and answered this user “And what have you done for almost a year since it all happened? Who do you think took care of him, bathed, dressed, and took him to treatments and doctors? ‘, statements making clear that she does not intend to allow herself to do so.

However, on different accounts rumors began to spread presumably, Araus was going to dump the singer after the terrible illness he and his mother-in-law had kicked him out of the house, accusations the interpreter and his wife have not come out to deny.

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But what is certain is that after this gossip, Hundreds of users began using the hashtag #liberenachyno as well as pointing out that the artist is not alone and has all his fans, sparking controversy over the accusations against Tashi, a huge uproar that put the couple in the crossfire, Could they come out to put bullets in their chests?

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