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These are the requirements to receive financial aid to pay online

These are the requirements to receive financial aid to pay online

Starting tomorrow, May 12, citizens will be able to start applying for the $ 50.00 in federal aid for him Online payment, as part of Emergency Broadband Advantages Program Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

They also offer up to $ 100 in one-time discount To purchase electronic equipment such as tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

However, in order to apply for benefits, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Individuals who have experienced a significant decrease in income as of February 29, 2020 as a result of job loss and whose total annual income for the year 2020 has decreased Less than $ 99,000 (single) or $ 198,000 (married).
  • Participants in the food aid program)deprivation); Medical Assistance Program (“MedicaidFederal Housing Assistance Program (Section 8); Veterans’ pension entitlement Or your survivor, or eligible persons, depending on Entry criteria Established by the current federal poverty guidelines.
  • Participants in Free school lunch programsoa discounted rate and / or school breakfast program.
  • University Who received Bill Grant.

The head of the communications office explained that the interest or discount for online payment would be channeled through the participating service providers in Puerto Rico. He said that there are currently about 30 companies eligible to offer the discount on the island.

People who do not currently have internet service can request it directly from an authorized provider or by visiting: GetEm EmergencyBroadband.org.

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