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Asistencia a cultos de pastora era obligatoria

Attendance at pastoral services was compulsory

Reverend Rossi Guzman Sanchez, accused in the Coral case, held evangelical services every Monday in Presidential Security Corps Square, but the guard or police officer who refused to attend was sentenced to up to 10 days in prison.

This was an order from Major General Adan Caceres, who, according to testimonies from members of the Military Auxiliary Corps, transferred personnel for not attending the religious rites.

This activity, which was held every Monday, from 10:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon, and sometimes until 2:00, was attended by nearly a thousand people, both on duty and on the free service.

“If I was free on Monday, I should have been made to attend the service, because there is a list they passed through and the person who did not answer his name was a prisoner. They called us to the executive office to apply the appropriate punishment,” said a policeman who requested that his name be reserved.

She explained that the services were organized by the family of the priest, who sang praises and preaching and had their own marching team

“I don’t remember a psalm. I don’t remember a single verse that was read there, because they didn’t remember it. They talked about anything but God. They were empty worship. God did not feel this place. One of the guards said that he was under the maknau and no one could move from his chair.

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