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Estas son las razones por las que debería dejar de usar Google Photos si tiene un iPhone, iPad o un Mac

These are the reasons why you should stop using Google Photos if you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac


May 11, 2021 09:29 GMT

The multinational company recently introduced its privacy stickers for all of its apps on the Apple App Store, which feature the vast amount of data it can collect.

After the latest acceptance of data collection by the US multinational Google and its continued blocking of a major Apple privacy metric, it is best for iPhone, iPad, or Mac users to stop using Google Photos on their devices, he suggests. Forbes.

The magazine reminds that at present this app stores some Four billion photos and videos More than a billion users prefer it to Apple’s alternative, iCloud, for better search, as it has more functionality and is cheaper

Recently, Google introduced privacy stickers for all of its top apps on the Apple App Store, including Google Photos. Like Gmail, Chrome, and Maps, this app “stands in stark contrast to its Apple counterpart” due to the sheer amount of data it can collect.

What’s going on?

The multinational states that “the privacy labels of the apps display all possible data that can be collected, although the actual data that is collected depends on the specific functions that the person decides to use.”

In this sense, it indicates that They will collect information call If the user wants to share the photos and videos with other people. They’ll do the same too if you decide to buy a photo album, in which case they’ll save your payment information and purchase history.

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Forbes maintains that Google makes the most of its money by selling access to user data by showing them ads. The more personalized it is, the more likely it will be to react and buy, so the more money Google can charge its customers to show such ads to its users.

‘Follow the money’

Google Photos is a series of AI updates that will surprise millions of users

“You can ask yourself whether it is a coincidence that Google and Facebook have privacy tags that do not match Apple’s, and that it is simply a result of how these apps work, and that you can” follow the money, “the US medium continues.

Additionally, he argues that companies like Google and Facebook derive their income from Digital advertisingApple does this by selling hardware and a service ecosystem. “The math here is not complicated,” he adds.

Finally, it indicates that Google Photos analyzes images to allow classification, maps, and searches and to run personalized ads. At the same time, it accesses all users’ photos and gathers their corresponding information, including the exact time and place they were taken.

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