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These are new measures to protect those who are having difficulty paying rent from eviction | Univision Money News

New activities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Will protect tenants from eviction until October 3rd Areas heavily affected by Govt-19 disease And in trouble paying his rent.

“CDC Director Rochelle Valensky signed an order today saying evicting tenants for not paying rent or housing allowances would be detrimental to public health measures, slowing the spread of the virus that causes Govt-19, ending October 3, 2021 and SARS-CoV-2. Applies to districts in the United States that enjoy the most exchange, “the CDC said in a statement.

Thus, They had to play well to prevent these actions from being challenged in court, The epidemic delta variant and the low percentage of vaccinated populations appeal directly to areas where Govt-19 cases have increased significantly. President Joe Biden told a news conference Tuesday that he had consulted with lawyers who specialize in constitutional law and warned many that the lifting of the new ban would reduce the chances of overcoming legal challenges.

Millions of people fear they will lose their roofs due to a lack of protection against evictions These new measures allow more time for federal aid to flow Official statistics show that it has been slowly being recognized so far. Only a few states or regions have established their own restrictions, which are in effect.

The White House is under pressure

Similarly, an attempt to renew the interim from Congress was established in the Senate after it was rejected by Republicans.

The expiration of the ban has left hundreds of people in mourning. Nearly 2 million Hispanics are behind their rent And hopes that 1 million people will be evicted in the next two months, the latest census shows.

Many of them are unaware that there is federal assistance that can alleviate their debt because even if the ban is lifted, it will not forgive missed rents. Billions of dollars are still available in the relief program Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA).

In total, nearly $ 46 billion was approved for the project and only about $ 3 billion was disbursed. That money is distributed by local governments and organizations. In this tool you can find things that can help you in your area.